Jenna Smith


Jenna Smith  "#FitMindedJenna"  is a San Diego native with a passion for health and fitness.  She has quickly risen to the top in the fitness community and was recently named one of Top 5  "San Diego's Finest Instructors" by Modern Luxury Magazine.  Jenna is passionate about Pilates and Indoor Cycling where she has created a loyal following of clients. You can find Jenna sweating it out in her packed classes at Sparkcycle or reaching max muscle burn at Pilates Plus La Jolla. She also trains many clients one-on-one through fitness and health to achieve their own personal goals. Her certifications include B.A.S.I Pilates, Lagree Fitness and Schwinn Cycle. 

Jenna's sincere "loving life" attitude has attracted many clients today who have become part of her Fitness Family.  She believes everyone is different and should embrace their own personal strengths and strive to be the BEST version of themselves.  One of her most powerful traits is making her clients feel confident in every aspect of their lives.  She consistently tells clients in her classes that "Being strong is not just physical, but mental. You must believe in yourself."

Join Jenna's journey towards helping you create a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle!